POP with DC

180710 First release

My first single has been released on spotify. It is two songs, one with Swedish lyrics and the other one is instrumental.

Dansar is a song that I made a while ago (years). I just decided that perhaps I will have a goal to make more songs to follow this release. I have made hundreds of loops, from 4 bars to a few minutes long. But my brain overloads and songs are rare in my world. The word dansa means dancing.

For this release I used Spinnup and a code for one year free release. Next move is to study mixing / mastering and try Amuse, who does not charge at all. I have no idea what type of song it will be, but now I have a purpose to make a new song.

I don’t know my workflow yet, so can’t really say if I will write posts in between releases. Time will tell.

Be well,

POP with DC / Jon Klarström